Canary By Gorji: #1 for Food and Hospitality In Dallas!


Canary By Gorji Rated A Top Restaurant In Dallas By Renzell

#1 for Food and Hospitality and #3 overall

Named one of the top three restaurants in Dallas by Renzell rating system, Canary By Gorji ranked #1 for food and #1 for hospitality among the 48 Dallas Renzell restaurants. With a score of 98.45 for food and 97.65 for hospitality, Canary By Gorji the romantic, fine dining chef restaurant took the top spots in both categories. Since Canary’s menu is wine and beer only and does not have cocktails to rank for this gave an overall ranking of number three with Flora Street Cafe and Tei Tei Robata Bar coming in first and second.

New Restaurant Rating System by New York Based Renzell

Renzell says their goal is “to offer an alternative to the status quo of incomplete, subjective and often times fraudulent restaurant ratings. The founder of Renzell, Bo Peabody, said “the aim of the organization is to rank restaurants accurately and without bias.” We provide the most accurate assessment of what your experience will be like at any Renzell Restaurant. The restaurants are scored in eight categories: Food, Hospitality, Service, Value, Decor, Vibe, Wine and Cocktails.”

The restaurant rating system is based on diner experiences and quantified by data driven metrics. Renzell is already established in New York, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC. and now Dallas. Being picked as a restaurant for the Renzell list is as competitive as the ratings themselves. Restaurants must be at least a year old and are weighed on thirty-one different characteristics.

In comparing Renzell’s New York ratings with Michelin’s there were many crossovers in the top ten.

Members Survey and Dine Anonymously at Top Restaurants At Their Own Expense

Renzell Members are experienced, sophisticated restaurant-goers who are dining enthusiasts. Members must be accepted and lack any conflicts of interest. If they are accepted to complete surveys, they dine anonymously and at their own expense. They must fill out a comprehensive guest experience survey of over seventy questions every time they visit a Renzell Restaurant.

When an Addison magazine article recognized “one of Addison’s very own” for this top restaurant honor they commented on the bold moves Canary By Gorji has made in the past with it’s daring no-tipping policy. Another innovative move was not seating young children. They surmised these have been well received by Renzell members.

Local Recognition

Other innovative restaurant philosophies of Chef Gorji’s at the upscale romantic restaurant include not turning tables to seat other guests (the table is yours), not having any televisions and not seating young children. He puts all his emphasis on providing a pleasant dining experience and of course the food.

In a recent article “Canary’s Lamb Tongue Crostini #5 on Dallas Observer Favorite 100 Dishes” Brian Reinhart quoted Gorji saying that “his food doesn’t pay attention to what’s trendy or popular.” Reinhart continued, “He figures that he’ll keep doing what he does, and eventually the rest of the city will come around.”We hope so.”

It seems they have.

In July, Eater 13 Essential Addison Restaurants reported that Canary By Gorji has been the best restaurant in Addison for over a decade.

Town&Country Magazine Description of Renzell

“Do you have a cool friend with a finger on the pulse of the restaurant scene—someone you ask for food advice when you’re traveling to a new city? Renzell, a restaurant ratings service that launched two years ago and is giving Zagat and the Michelin Guides a run for their money, is like that friend.”

See Town & Country magazine’s list of Renzell’s October 2017 ratings of the top three restaurants in each of the 11 cities.

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