Lime’s Time Has Come—The Citrus Revolution Is Here

  • June 26, 2013
Trout with Lime & Barberry Sauce

Trout with Lime & Barberry Sauce

Chef Gorji Brings Tang to the Table with Seafood and Lime.

Chef Gorji, who has long been on the front lines of the citrus revolution, having recognized the culinary importance that tartness brings to flavor, and especially, its role in his New Mediterranean Cuisine featured at his intimate restaurant, Canary By Gorji, which celebrates its 10th birthday this year. “It’s really a matter of balance,” says Gorji who grew up helping to prepare lime juice, sour grape juice and tomatoes to store in the cellar and be available throughout the year for cooking. He specializes in bringing new twists to old traditions of the Mediterranean basin. “Cooking with citrus, whether used in salads or entrees surprises and delights with its fresh taste and flavor.” says Gorji.


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