Gorji Gourmet Steak Marinade for Grilling Wins Awards

Steak Marinade Wins Awards for Barbecuing

Dipping Oil & Marinade Primer. AKA Steak Primer, an olive oil to cook fish, meat and vegetables. Chef Gorji’s secret weapon!

Gorji Gourmet Dipping Oil & Marinade, aka Steak Primer was awarded bronze in the Barbecue category for Marinades by the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Scovie Awards judging panel of top culinary experts and silver in the 2019 ZestFest awards.

Scovie Awards Awarded To Gorji’s Quick Gourmet Steak Marinade

The Scovie Awards is an annual competition that recognizes the top savory, spicy and fiery food products in the world. It It is one of the most competitive blind tasted food competitions. Hundreds of products are entered and go through rigorous tastings to receive the top honors.

Scovie Awards flame logo

2016 Scovie Awards Icon

Dave DeWitt, founder of the Scovie Awards said there were 131 total companies entering in the 2017 competition.

“Companies from all over the world continue to recognize the Scovie Awards as the most competitive and challenging blind taste-tested event in the world,” DeWitt, said.

Gorji Gourmet Steak Marinade for Grilling Ribeyes, Fish and Vegetables.

Gorji Gourmet Dipping Oil & Marinade aka Steak Primer. Because it contains pure olive oil you can cook meats, fish and vegetables. Chef Gorji uses it to grill all his steaks, meats and his well known grilled vegetables in the kitchen at Canary By Gorji. It was his secret weapon for the winning steak at the Texas Steak Championship two years in a row. He also uses it for baking, pan-searing and as a dip with lime juice and Parmesan. Recipes for steaks, fish and vegetables using Steak Primer can be found in Chef Gorji’s award-winning Zing! New Mediterranean Cookbook. He also teaches his techniques for using it in cooking classes once or twice a year.


Steak grilling after being brushed and marinated with Gorji Gourmet Dipping Oil & Marinade

Gorji Gourmet Foods, located in Dallas, Texas can be purchased at area DFW Whole Foods, specialty gourmet stores and online at amazon, gorjigourmet.com and at Gorji Restaurant.  The award-winning Gorji Gourmet line includes: Pomegranate Vinaigrette, Dipping Oil/ Marinade, Hummus, Caesar Dressing, Spicy Remoulade and three pasta sauces: Arrabiata Diavolo, Puttanesca and Pomodoro.

For more information about Gorji Gourmet Foods, please visit GorjiGourmet.com.


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