Gorji, Dallas’ First Fine Dining No Tipping Restaurant

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Fine Dining Gorji Restaurant In Dallas Joins National No-Tipping Trend

Fine Dining Gorji Restaurant (formerly *Canary By Gorji) became the first no-tipping restaurant in Dallas, TX November 2016. Read press release at PRNewswire.

Chef-0wner, Gorji, who has long contemplated the bold move, says “it was not an easy decision to make, but thinks it is a win-win policy for everyone, the back of the house, the front of the house and positively impacts guests’ dining experiences.”

New No Tipping Restaurant Equalizes Pay Between Front and Back of the House

Now those behind the scenes who are essential in preparing and providing the culinary experience will no longer be compensated less than those who serve it, because they were not able to share in the tips. Gorji says ” I  don’t want servers worrying about their income.” There are busier nights than others. Servers worry when a night is not as busy, not knowing how they are going to get their money. They are at ease and the tension is lifted once they know they are going to make their money regardless of how busy it is. They won’t feel they have to upsell items to increase their tips at the end of the night. Now they will be compensated fairly every night.

Focusing on The Tip Free Dining Experience

Gorji, who has been thinking of doing this for a long time was encouraged by seeing restaurants in other parts of the country implementing “no-tipping.” He decided it was time to take the leap. He believes that each and every guest should receive the level of service they deserve, no matter how much they might be spending. Says Gorji, “What a customer spends should not have any bearing on what a server makes.

“Many servers today,” he says, “are trained to upsell as a tip incentive. I want a dining experience to be free of those sorts of tactics. I believe in transparency. If we are verbalizing items in prix fixe menus, desserts or new wines that are not on the list, we will tell them the price of it. This is out of respect for the guest, believing that they should know all the facts before they make their choice.”

Gorji has increased prices at the New Mediterranean Restaurant 18-20% to make the new wages possible. This correlates to most average tipping, therefore it is basically the same price for the customer.

“Gorji,” says the outspoken author of the award-winning cookbook, Zing! and Gorji Gourmet sauce line, “is geared toward the experience of dining. That’s why we don’t seat young children, have no televisions and don’t double seat, rushing you out the door to seat someone else.”

Joining The National Trend with a No-Tipping Restaurant In Dallas

The “no-tipping restaurant” trend is taking place around the country, with New YorkChicagoSan Francisco and Portland at the forefront.

BravoTV featured proponents of the movement, New York restaurateurs, Tom Colicchio, the owner of New York City’s Craft and judge on Bravo’s Top Chef and Big Apple restaurant owner Danny Meyer. As reported on CNBC, “Colicchio explained “On the Money” that the move was done in part to make his staff’s pay more rational. In many states, tipped employees receive hourly wages below the minimum because of gratuity. In theory, a no-tipping policy leaves waiters and waitresses less at the mercy of tips, which can fluctuate wildly if hourly wages are boosted as a result.”

Danny Meyer in an interview with the Chicago Tribune  explained,”A big part of why we’re doing this,” said Meyer, “is because we’re unable to share tips with 100 percent of the team responsible for making the (dining) experience happen. I’ve always said hospitality is a team sport.”

In the same Chicago Tribune article they summed up ” the crux of the no-tipping movement, in New York and elsewhere. In the fine-dining world, there is an astonishing earnings gap between the people who cook (some of whom make minimum wage) and the people who serve (approaching or exceeding six figures in some high-end restaurants) and no simple way to bridge that gap. The law is very strict about which employees may share in tips.”

Future of No Tipping Fine Dining

Gorji believes the tipping system is not sustainable and that “no-tipping restauarants” are the the future of fine dining. He cites Michelin research, published by Bloomberg News that the International culinary scene, in which tips are small or not expected, is creating the most highly rated fine dining establishments in the world.

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*In July 2018 Canary By Gorji shortened its name to Gorji Restaurant to bring the brand together under one name—Gorji Restaurant, Gorji Gourmet Foods and Gorji Cookbooks.

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