Canary By Gorji Renamed to Gorji

  • September 10, 2018

Change Brings the Brand Together: Restaurant, Sauces and Cookbook

DALLAS, Aug. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — On July 1, 2018 Gorji started renovations of the exterior and interior, reduced the number of tables to seven to make the space more intimate and reopened on July 13th with a new look, updated menu and excitement about its most recent reincarnation.

  • Gorji Restaurant—is committed to providing interesting, flavorful food and creating an enjoyable dining experience by focusing on the guest—not turning tables to seat more and more guests, having distracting televisions or accommodating young children in the small space. The no-tipping policy reduces high pressure sales tactics and equalizes pay between front and back of house, providing a livable, steady income for staff.  Dedicated to safety and health, Gorji has received a score of 100 on Health Inspections two years in a row.

Chef Gorji continues to meld his favorite flavors of spices, techniques and ingredients from all the countries around the Mediterranean Basin. Bringing these elements together with what is available in the markets here and adding his interpretations he has created his New Mediterranean Cuisine. 

Additional new dishes are featured in weekly changing Prix Fixe menus, and the curated wine list introduces many less well known grapes and vineyards.

  • Gorji Gourmet Sauces and Cookbook— are available in grocery stores and online, with the complete line of products now available for purchase at the restaurant.

Ever Evolving Timeline

2003Gorji took over Yoshi Japanese Restaurant, continuing the Japanese counter service at lunch, and introduced Mediterranean Cuisine table service at dinner. All the restaurant settings changed between lunch and white tablecloth dinner. Named Canary Cafe after Gorji’s love of the bird and the yellow tiles of the interior, it was Japanese By Day and Mediterranean By Night.

2004— Added Mediterranean table service for lunch in addition to dinner and dropped Japanese and counter service.

2006Gorji Gourmet Sauces bottled in house in response to demand from guests.

2010— Name changed to Canary By Gorji. The patio was closed and the number of inside tables reduced to 11.  Adopted policies of not turning tables, not accommodating young children and no televisions.

2013— Cookbook published.

2016Became the first and only no-tipping fine dining restaurant in Texas.

2018— Shortened name to Gorji and remodeled.

Gorji has been chef-owner of Canary By Gorji, an intimate 8-table restaurant in Dallas, TX for 15 years. He is back-to-back champion of the famed Texas Steak Cookoff in Hico, TX 2004/2005 and has published a debut cookbook, Zing! By Gorji featuring his signature “New Mediterranean” cuisine that has won 5 awards. Gorji Gourmet Foods®, his product line for home cooks, includes Pomegranate Vinaigrette, Dipping Oil/ Marinade and three award-winning pasta sauces: Arrabiata Diavolo, Puttanesca and Pomodoro. They have won a total of 21 awards. They can be purchased at DFW area Whole Foods,, Gorji and at Canary By Gorji.

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