Gorji Gourmet Products Win 7 More Awards in Blind Judging

  • March 22, 2017

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“Taste, texture and flavor are my focal point.  It is gratifying to be granted rewards of this magnitude, especially when it is blind-judging.

All Five Gorji Gourmet Products Win Blind Taste-Tests 


They have acquired 15 medals including Silver Best New Product 2015. They have won four gold awards including three coveted Golden Chiles, seven silver and four bronze.

  • Pomodoro: clean tasting and vibrant, but not hot. It is a flavorful base on pizzas, pastas and any recipe using tomato sauce.
  • Puttanesca: perfect on any tomato sauce recipe calling for extra “zing”.
  • Arrabiata Diavolo: the spiciest. It adds zesty heat to pasta and pizza, seafood, burgers and wherever the devil makes you do it!
  • Dipping Oil/Marinade: olive oil that is perfect as a dipping oil or as a marinade for all kinds of meats, fish, poultry and vegetables. Chef Gorji uses this exclusively in his kitchen at Canary By Gorji.
  • Pomegranate Vinaigrettea lively salad dressing made with olive oil. Ideal for salads, as a light sauce for meats of all kinds, or as a marinade.

All Gorji Gourmet Foods have no added sugar or preservatives.

Quick Gourmet Tasting Dishes

Chef Gorji developed the Gorji Gourmet Foods™ line from recipes he created and regularly cooks with in his kitchen at Canary By Gorji. Gorji Gourmet Foods helps home cooks easily make gourmet tasting dishes without hours of preparation.

Gorji Gourmet Foods™ are available for sale in the Dallas area. They can be purchased at Canary By Gorji restaurant, Whole Foods, Jimmy’s Food Store, Royal Blue. They are also available online at Amazon and GorjiGourmet.com.

Visit chefgorji.com for more information about Gorji Gourmet Foods.

Gorji has been chef-owner of Canary By Gorji, an intimate 8-table restaurant in Dallas, TX for 14 years. He is back-to-back champion of the famed Texas Steak Cookoff in Hico, TX 2004/2005. He has published a debut cookbook, Zing! By Gorji featuring his signature “New Mediterranean” cuisine. Gorji Gourmet Foods™, his sauce line for home cooks, includes Pomodoro, Puttanesca, Arrabiata Diavolo, Pomegranate Vinaigrette, and Dipping Oil/ Marinade. All five have been awarded medals in blind taste-tests.
Chef Gorji
SOURCE Gorji Gourmet Foods

Gorji, a fine dining restaurant featuring “New Mediterranean Cuisine, Championship Steak and Sustainable Seafood” with a curated domestic and international wine list. It is the first no tipping restaurant in Dallas. Named Dallas’ Best Steakhouse 2021 By Dallas Observer. In March 2021 Gorji celebrated its 18th anniversary. Located at 5100 Belt Line Rd, Suite 402, Dallas, TX 75254. 972-503-7080 gorjirestaurant.com

Gorji Gourmet Foods Includes Pomodoro, Puttanesca and Arrabiata Diavolo pasta sauces, Pomegranate Vinaigrette and Dipping Oil & Marinade. They have won a total of 38 awards in blind judging food competitions. They are available in DFW Whole Foods, Jimmy’s Food Store, Gorji restaurant, GorjiGourmet and Amazon.

Zing! Cookbook features “New Mediterranean Cuisine” recipes and has won 5 domestic and international awards. It is available for purchase at Gorji restaurant and amazon.com.

Contact: gorji@chefgorji.com


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