Gorji's New Mediterranean Cooking

new mediterranean cuisine eggplant appetizer

Gorji’s New Mediterranean Cooking  has its roots in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, paying homage to French, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Middle Eastern, Turkish and North African cuisines. But he does  not define his New Mediterranean Cuisine  by nationality or authenticity. He takes the best elements and interchanging the techniques and ingredients, focuses on the flavor of a dish. 

Zagat: DFW Chefs

Zagat 10 Dallas Chefs 10 Under-the-Radar Chefs to Know in Dallas–Fort Worth —by Steven Lindsey    

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  • February 8, 2018

Canary By Gorji: #1 for Food and Hospitality In Dallas!

renzell-rating-top-3 restaurants-dallas-“ width= Canary By Gorji Rated A Top Restaurant In Dallas By Renzell #1 for Food and Hospitality and #3 overall Named one of the top three restaurants in Dallas by Renzell rating system, Canary By Gorji ranked #1 for food and #1 for hospitality among the 48 Dallas Renzell restaurants. With a score of 98.45 for food and 97.65 for hospitality, Canary By Gorji fine dining took the top spots in both categories. Since Canary's menu is wine and beer only and does not have cocktails to rank for this gave an overall ranking of number three with Flora Street Cafe and Tei Tei Robata Bar ...

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Dallas Observer Favorite Fancy Toast

lamb-tongue-crostini-chef-gorji Lamb Tongue Crostini: Favorite Dish List Lamb Tongue Crostini, featured on Gorji's New Mediterranean Cuisine menu won a top spot on Dallas Observer's Favorite Dishes List. "Lamb tongue crostini is turning heads at Canary— #5 on Dallas Observer 100 Favorite Dishes List Avocado toast? That’s so 2015. At Canary by Gorji, the future of fancy toast has arrived, and it involves lamb tongues."Ordering appetizers at Canary is hard — how can you ignore the fried sardines? — but this find feels like a true rarity. It also feels like Gorji is backing up his claim, ...

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EATER 13 Essential Addison Restaurants

eater-logo-gorji Canary: Best Addison RestaurantEATER 13 Essential Addison Restaurants reports: "For more than a decade, Canary by Gorji has reliably been Addison’s best restaurant. Inventive Mediterranean fare, like lamb tongue crostini and gorgonzola-stuffed eggplant, is served alongside prime steaks and equally solid fish dishes. Notably, Canary is also Dallas’ only no-tipping restaurant."Earlier Canary By Gorji made EATER 38 Essential Restaurants in Dallas/Fort Worth.

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  • July 12, 2017

Savory Desserts Trend At Canary By Gorji

“savory Savory Dessert Trends and Flavor Combinations Continue In 2018 National Restaurant News reported that "Flavor combinations are very on-trend as menu makers combine several tastes at a time" in 2016. Savory desserts are again on their list of top 20 food trends in their 2017 Culinary Forecast. See report at http://www.restaurant.org/Downloads/PDFs/News-Research/WhatsHot/What-s-Hot-2017-FINAL Chef Gorji's Unexpected Flavor PairingsAt Canary By Gorji, savory desserts highlight the end of meal selections. Gorji is well known for his unexpected flavor pairings ...

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  • June 2, 2017

Green Almonds, A Brief Spring Culinary Treat

green almonds  Refreshing Green AlmondsGreen almonds appear for only about three weeks a year. We would get them from street vendors and snack on them with a sprinkle of salt. They are so refreshing! We would eat and eat until we got a tummy ache! Candies, Snacks, Salads and Stews Wikipedia describes the fruit as native to the Mediterranean climate region. Specialty Produce has lots of interesting information and background about this culinary treat. From their website,"In  Italy, this halo was referred to as the Italian word for almond, “mandorla”. ...

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Beer Dessert for Grown-Ups At Canary By Gorji

“savory Beer Float, A Fun Dessert For Adults Savory desserts highlight Chef Gorji's gourmet dining menu. Well known for his unexpected flavor pairings and combinations, Kefir, Medjool Date Butterfly, Persimmon & Sorbet and Israeli Stout Float rotate on the menu at Canary By Gorji. He also details the recipes for some of these savory desserts in his cookbook Zing! By Gorji. In fact, his cooking philosophy of his signature "New Mediterranean Cuisine"and the tagline on his cookbook is "Bold, Balanced, Simple & Savory which very much describes this beer ...

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  • January 11, 2017

John Dory: Wild Looking & Delicious Fish

joh-dory-fish John Dory fish featured on Canary By Gorji prix fixe menu January 6 & 7 Chef Gorji serves it pan seared with chablis poached shrimp with with capers & barberries over cauliflower puree and grilled vegetablesRegular Menu Also Available  John Dory, the Fish Excerpted from http://culinaryarts.about.com/od/glossary/g/John-Dory.htm"... John Dory is a delicious fish with delicate white flesh and a firm, flaky texture. A saltwater fish, it has a mild, slightly sweet flavor...Contributing to John Dory's odd appearance are the large black dots ...

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Canary By Gorji Dallas’ First Tip-Free Fine Dining

“no-tipping-canary-by-gorji” Dallas' First No Tipping Restaurant No-Tipping became policy at Canary By Gorji November 2016. Read release at PRNewswire.Chef-Owner, Gorji, who has long contemplated the bold move, says "it was not an easy decision to make, but thinks it is a win-win policy for everyone, the back of the house, the front of the house and positively impacts guests’ dining experiences." New Policy Equalizes Pay Between Front and Back of the House Now those behind the scenes who are essential in preparing and providing the culinary experience will no longer be compensated less ...

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Filet Mignon at Canary By Gorji: Dallas Observer Favorite List

“Dallas In September Dallas Observer is doing a Best of Dallas® 2016 issue. Leading up to that they are sharing (in no particular order) their 100 Favorite Dishes, the Dallas entrées, appetizers and desserts that impressed them this year.Filet Mignon In Addison, Dallas, TX Canary's filet mignon in Addison, Texas is a Dallas Observer 100 Favorite Dishes, No. 29: Steak at Canary."Gorji's philosophy and techniques of cooking filet mignon are described and go on to say "...Gorji won back-to-back statewide Texas Steak Cook-Offs a decade ago, and although he has ...

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Eater Lists: Canary Best Addison Restaurant | “killer cuisine”

“EaterEater Dallas 38 & Addison 13 Essential Lists: Canary Is Addison's Best Restaurant 2017 EATER 13 Essential Addison Restaurants reports:"For more than a decade, Canary by Gorji has reliably been Addison’s best restaurant. "Killer Cuisine" 2016 Eater 38 Essential Restaurants in Dallas-Fort Worth recognized Canary By Gorji for "...serving up killer cuisine in Addison for more than a decade...and keeping it real in north Dallas."The baby eggplant in Dallas at Canary By Gorji and the paella dish are some of Chef Gorji's New Mediterranean specialties. ...

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Rainbow Trout & Yogurt Entree Added To Menu

Rainbow Trout & Yogurt Entree A new entree, Rainbow Trout Yogurt with Kalamata Olives, Basil, Sumac & crispy Elephant Garlic joins another recent addition Paella with pulled rabbit, Spanish Chorizo, Mussels and Shrimp with Saffron White Wine Rice on the upscale menu. Other New Mediterranean Cuisine dishes added at Canary By Gorji, a D Best Restaurants, in Dallas, (Addison) TX are an appetizer and a favorite salad. Pizza Gorgonzola Creme with Red Onion, Mushrooms and Arugula made with Chef Gorji’s Crispy Skillet Pizza joins the appetizers. Ruby Red Grapefruit, is back in season in Texas and ...

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Versatile Sweet Summer Tomatoes Do Double Duty As Salad and Dessert

chef-gorji-panzanella-salad-  Tomatoes, Vegetable or Fruit? Who cares when they taste this good! Chef Gorji is using versatile summer sweet tomatoes as salad and dessert! He is making the most of these beautiful Texas sweet tomatoes and will be serving them as long as the good local supply lasts. Right now, he is getting these amazing sweet tomatoes from local Your Own Victory Garden in Plano, TX. Panzanella Salad recipe from Zing! By Gorji Cookbook highlighted in D Home magazine article about summer tomatoes Nancy Nichols talks about Gorji being a champion of local produce and his ...

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  • July 4, 2015

Baby Octopus Appetizer with Watermelon & Goat Cheese

Watermelon and Baby Octopus Watermelon and Baby Octopus Appetizer Make a Refreshing Summer StarterBaby octopus appetizer often has a place on Canary By Gorji's menu. This tasty, sustainable sea creature is pan-seared and joins diced watermelon, goat cheese and watermelon vinaigrette in this rendition. Baby Octopus with Squid Ink has also been featured on the menu from Chef Gorji's cookbook, Zing! Octopus is one of the big trends of the year. An informative article delving into where the mollusk is found, attitudes and myths associated with it, to how to cook it, is Octopus Demystified ...

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Sweeps Indie Cookbook Awards | Zing! By Gorji

Zing! By Gorji Wins 3 More Indie Book Awards The Latest Honors: Two National Indie Excellence Awards and A Prestigious IPPY With these three honors from the indie book awards community, Zing! By Gorji cookbook has received five top cookbook awards, four in cookbook categories and one for best book/author/publisher website. Indie Book Awards For Zing! By Gorji: National Indie Excellence Awards (2 ) –International & Regional Cookbook Categories, USA Book News Award – International Cookbook Category, London Book Festival – International Cookbook Category and IPPY Independent Publishing Awards ...

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