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Gorji Cookbook-Modern Luxury Article

Sizzling Secrets

Dynamo restaurateur Mansour Gorji gives fans what they’ve clamored for with Zing! By Gorji, a cookbook that reveals the secrets of his New Mediterranean cooking. “Customers were asking, ‘how do you do this?’ “How do you do that?’ he says at Canary By Gorji in North Dallas. The colorful, spiral-bound volume is his answer, from the secret behind his Bolognese sauce (sumac) to the wow ingredient in his scallops and gazpacho salad (Bulgarian Feta). Inspired by the foods of the Mediterranean—barberry, pomegranate, olive oil—he takes a less-is-more approach, upping the ante with a Texas twist to create sassy, one-of-a-kind fusions, like a Gorgonzola wedge salad tricked out with grill jalapeno. “The philosophy of Mediterranean cooking is everything that’s around you, you use,” Gorji says, and he takes it to heart. He’s also utterly daring. Who else could persuade diners to love simple, butter-seared lamb brain? He borrows a saying from his engineering past: “Simple is the most complicated thing.” Engineering? The Iranian-born chef first worked in Scotland at a drafting table before trading up to dinner tables in the United States. – Kim Pierce



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