Dallas Observer Favorite Fancy Toast


Lamb Tongue Crostini: Favorite Dish List

Lamb Tongue Crostini, featured on Gorji’s New Mediterranean Cuisine menu won a top spot on Dallas Observer’s Favorite Dishes List.

“Lamb tongue crostini is turning heads at Canary— #5 on Dallas Observer 100 Favorite Dishes List

Avocado toast? That’s so 2015. At Canary by Gorji, the future of fancy toast has arrived, and it involves lamb tongues.”

Ordering appetizers at Canary is hard — how can you ignore the fried sardines? — but this find feels like a true rarity. It also feels like Gorji is backing up his claim, made to the Observer in 2016, that his food doesn’t pay attention to what’s trendy or popular. He figures that he’ll keep doing what he does, and eventually the rest of the city will come around. We hope so.”—@BrianReinhart, Dallas Observer

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