Honored To Be Considered For Best Chef

Excerpt from Dallas Observer:

“The Hardest Food Categories to Decide in This Year’s Dallas Observer Best of Dallas


Best Chef

There’s a serious amount of talent in the Dallas food scene right now, and as we ate our way through the city’s top restaurants this summer while working on this list, it got harder and harder to select the best chef. Misti Norris was an obvious contender from the get-go, but she won last year and has since announced that she’s leaving Small Brewpub. Graham Dodds at Wayward Sons and Matthew McCallister at FT33 were both names that came up, along with lower-profile Dallas chefs like Mansour Gorji at Canary by Gorji. In the end, we picked the chef-restaurateur who runs several restaurants with food that succeeds in everything from simple down-home comfort to outside-the-box creativity: Julian Barsotti.”

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