High Quality Take Out Restaurants | Gorji New Mediterranean Restaurant

  • March 31, 2021

Gorji offers high-quality takeout for your celebrations at home.

Gorji offers high-quality takeout for your celebrations at home. Photo: Kathy Tran

High Quality Takeout at Gorji Restaurant, One of 5 Cited By Dallas Observer.



Have a Reason To Celebrate? Do It Safely as the Pandemic Winds Down.

For many people who love eating at restaurants, now is the most confusing time since they were closed to indoor dining last year. We embraced curbside pickup and takeout for what feels like forever, and now, we’re being urged to start dining out again.

By dining out, I mean dining indoors. See? It’s confusing. Add to that the fact that some restaurants have thrown all caution to the wind when it comes to mask-wearing and social distancing. It’s (almost) enough to make you want to eat at home forever.

But birthdays and graduations don’t stop just because we’re trying to do everything in a safe and socially distant manner. The need for anniversary celebrations, bachelorette parties and romantic date nights hasn’t gone away just because we’ve depleted our reserve of creative ways to approach celebrations during a pandemic that might or might not be waning…

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Visit Restaurants with High-Quality Takeout

You may not want to hear it, but sticking with takeout and curbside pickup is still the surefire way to feel safer until you’re vaccinated or until other indicators suggest that indoor restaurant dining is smart. What you need to know is that “takeout” doesn’t mean low quality and doesn’t have to mean casual dining.

There are surely dozens to choose from, but these five restaurants have been focused on perfecting to-go food for the better part of a year, and three of them are in our Top 100 Dallas Restaurants.

If you can’t bear another dinner in your own dining room, enjoy your meal on your patio or splurge on a one-night staycation at a nice hotel. Wherever you decide to eat it, your dinner won’t disappoint.

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