Guests Say (Continued)…

Chef Gorji supplied us with a most magnificent takeout "fall feast"!
We've really missed eating out during the quarantine, and we've had very mixed experience getting takeout during this COVID mess. Too often, we've found it the case that foods which should be crispy arrive soggy, salads unpleasantly wilted, vegetables limp, and the food impossible to reheat. This is definitely not the case with Chef Gorji!

One of the things we really appreciate about the Gorji menus is that they include only dishes that can be transported easily while maintaining the same qualities of freshness, texture, and taste that we've come to expect when eating at the restaurant. Each brilliant recipe selection arrives beautifully packed, carefully labeled, and they all keep nicely while we take our time enjoying the meal. And they're so simple to plate beautifully -- and the appearance is definitely an important part of the dining experience. And whatever it is that the chef does to cause the grilled vegetables to stay crispy while the first two courses are served is sheer wizardry! We also really enjoy the interesting selection of well-priced wines -- definitely NOT your average plonk. It is fun to have a chance to taste excellent new vintages in our own home as part of the meal. We look forward to ordering again, and soon!

GREAT restaurants like this are few and far between.
Our journey with Chef Gorji began in 2008 when his Canary By Gorji was the first restaurant we visited upon moving to Dallas. It was also the last restaurant we visited before moving to Ohio in 2013. Over the years we stayed in touch by purchasing Chef's Puttanesca Sauce by the case from his website. Now we live in California and with our last order, we purchased his cookbook. Last evening we made Chef’s Lamb T-Bone with Tzatziki and complemented it with his Pink Grapefruit & Goat Cheese Salad. It was nothing short of amazing as the chemistry between the two dishes bore Chef’s trademark “Zing.” It brought us back to a time of white table clothes, impeccable service detail, superb wine pairing and a Chef who not once forgot to greet us and then rush out of the kitchen as we departed to say “till the next time.” It is now called Gorji and is one of the top restaurants in Dallas. We wish Chef continued success and highly recommend a visit for your special night out. —Syl & Jeff, Palm Springs, CA.

“Excellent every single time!”
Gorji is one of those places you go when you want an intimate experience that never fails to please. Chef Gorji is there every night cooking your meal, himself! He cooks with inspiration and care to ensure every diner feels like they are the only diner. The food is always delicious and beautifully prepared. It’s my “go to” for any special occasion. —karene627435, TripAdvisor

“Best in Dallas”
Gorji is where we go for a consistently excellent meal! A quiet restaurant with only 7 tables (and no young children allowed). Service beyond compare, never rushed through a meal, food is outstanding, unique flavors, delicious desserts, nice wine list at affordable prices! What more could you ask for...nothing in my opinion! —IslaHolic4Ever, TripAdvisor