Green Almonds, A Brief Spring Culinary Treat

green almonds on the tree


Refreshing Green Almonds

green almonds in gazpacho salad

Green Almond Gazpacho Salad & Butter Seared Scallops

Green almonds appear for only about three weeks a year. We would get them from street vendors and snack on them with a sprinkle of salt. They are so refreshing! We would eat and eat until we got a tummy ache!

Candies, Snacks, Salads and Stews

Wikipedia describes the fruit as native to the Mediterranean climate region. Specialty Produce has lots of interesting information and background about this culinary treat. From their website,”In  Italy, this halo was referred to as the Italian word for almond, “mandorla”. Green almonds are popularly used in Persian cuisine to make a traditional stew. In France, they are often served before spring dinners paired with an aperitif. In Portugal whole, Green almonds are candied. In Iran, the Green almond is sold whole and salted as a popular snack food.”

Saveur has some great ideas about cooking with them from a pesto like sauce with garlic to pickling them, poaching them in olive oil and even desserts.

It is exciting to find them here.  Canary By Gorji will be serving them in gazpacho salad with butter seared scallops or shrimp as a Mediterranean delicacy this week on the prix fixe menu.

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