Gourmet Arrabiata Sauce Wins Again in Blind Judging

Chef Gorji’s Spicy Arrabiata Diavolo Sauce Takes Home Its Second Golden Chile Award at ZestFest 2016 in Blind Judging

Arrabiata Diavolo Pasta Sauce

Gorji Gourmet Arrabiata sauce, has won its second Golden Chile award at ZestFest’s Fiery Food Challenge 2016. Read the full press release at PRNewswire. Gorji’s Gourmet Pasta Sauces’ continue their winning streak with this latest award.

Winning At Home With Gourmet Sauces That Are Restaurant Quality

These sauces were developed by Gorji from recipes he created and cooks with in his kitchen at Canary By Gorji, to help home cooks easily make gourmet tasting dishes without hours of preparation.

The Pomodoro, with just three simple ingredients—tomatoes, garlic and imported olive oil— is clean tasting and vibrant, but not hot. It is a simple, flavorful base on pizzas, pastas and any recipe using tomato sauce. Use Puttanesca, with the addition of fresh basil, capers, kalamata olives and a touch of cayenne on any tomato sauce recipe calling for extra “zing”. The Arrabiata sauce is the spiciest with fresh garlic and basil, cayenne peppers and red pepper flakes. It adds zesty heat to pasta and pizza, as well as seafood, burgers and wherever the devil makes you do it!

Arrabiata Diavolo dishes Chef Gorji makes at the restaurant include appetizers of Texas Chili served over a grilled chilled avocado with yogurt, Penne with Shrimp and a Spinach and Three Cheese Lasagna.

The gourmet pasta sauces are available for sale in the Dallas area at Canary By Gorji restaurant, Whole Foods, Jimmy’s Food Store, Royal Blue and online at Amazon and GorjiGourmet.com

Visit chefgorji.com for more information about Gorji Gourmet Foods.

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