Pomodoro Sauce—Use As Marinara or Tomato Sauce

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Gorji Gourmet Pomodoro Sauce and Bolognese

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Fresh, Lively Pomodoro Sauce—Tastes Just Picked!

Pomodoro sauce, straight from the kitchen of Chef Gorji’s Dallas restaurant. Use vibrant and fresh-flavored Gorji Gourmet Pomodoro in pizza and pasta recipes. In addition, use it in other dishes calling for marinara sauce.

Your family and guests will savor the sauce that tastes like you spent hours preparing it. But just heat and enjoy!

Flavorful Pomodoro Sauce

In addition to his Bolognese, Chef Gorji uses pomodoro in his Baby Eggplant and Lasagna dishes. Use it in recipes calling for marinara or tomato sauce like Empire Baking Company’s Meatball Sliders Recipe. Another easy method is to top pasta with Gorji Gourmet Pomodoro and parmesan cheese for an elegant, simple dinner that tastes gourmet. Due to its fresh, clean taste, children like it too. Furthermore, check out delicious ideas at Laughing Spatula for other quick dishes.

Pomodoro, Marinara and Tomatoes

Spaniards took tomatoes to Italy from the new world in the 16th century. The were named pomodoro “golden apple”in Italian because they were yellowish in color. As a result, the name “golden”. Another resource is timeshighereducation.com for interesting facts and speculation about tomatoes origins.

Marinara sauce originated in Naples, Italy. Marinara is said to be named after sailors. Consequently, it has a colorful history as well. Wikipedia describes several of these theories. Another article, Susan Waggoner’s Marinara Sauce: The Sauce that Shook the World is also informative. Marinara and pomodoro are a tomato sauce base for Italian dishes, hence they are interchangeable.

Vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh garlic, salt and imported olive oil are the ingredients in Gorji Gourmet Pomodoro Sauce.

• Pure Olive Oil
• No Preservatives
• No Added Sugar.
• 24 oz. glass jar.

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