Blind Judging Food Competitions: Gorji Gourmet Wins 30 Awards

30 Gorji Gourmet food competition awards

Gorji Gourmet Foods Win Food Competitions!

Gorji Gourmet Foods have won 23  Scovie Awards and 17 food awards at ZestFest in the Fiery Food Challenge competitions from 2015 through 2019.

The Scovie Awards recognizes the top savory, spicy and fiery food products in the world.

It is one of the most competitive blind tasted food competitions. Hundreds of products are entered and go through rigorous tastings to receive the top honors. “Companies from all over the world continue to recognize the Scovie Awards as the most competitive and challenging blind taste-tested event in the world,” DeWitt, the founder said.

ZestFest is one of the largest events in the country that showcases the zestiest products on the market.

Zestfest held yearly in Irving, Texas. Professional judges at the spicy, zesty and flavorful food event taste hundreds of sauces, salsas and spicy treats from across the US and internationally to select the winners. 

Gorji Gourmet Pasta Sauces Sweep Zestfest Food Awards Winning Gold, Silver & Bronze Three Times.

In 2015, 2016and 2018 Gorji Gourmet sauces win Gold, Silver and Bronze at Zestfest. Puttanesca won the coveted Golden Chili Award with Arrabiata Diavolo with Silver and Pomodoro won Bronze.The spicy Arrabiata, the zesty Puttanesca and the not spicy Pomodoro pasta sauce swept gold, silver and bronze awards three times. All three pasta sauces won in blind taste tests.

PRNewswire 2016.

Golden Chili Winner-Gorji Gourmet

Meg McMills Buckley (above) represented Gorji Gourmet Foods at ZestFest 2017. She was busy at the awards dinner going up and receiving a total of four awards!








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Hummus, Caesar and Remoulade Win Gold, Silver and Bronze

In 2019 Gorji’s three new spreads, Hummus, Caesar Dressing and Remoulade took home gold, silver and bronze at the Scovie Awards. Hummus won Gold and Spicy Remoulade won Bronze in prepared dips. In Salad Dressings,  Caesar Dressing won Silver and Pomegranate Vinaigrette won Bronze. Puttanesca took home silver in pasta sauces and Dipping Oil & Marinade won Bronze in the barbecue category. Puttanesca won Gold in Pasta Sauces. Dipping Oil & Marinade took Silver in the Cooking Oil division, also also known as Steak Primer, won in the marinades category for barbecuing in the ZestFest Competitions. It is cooking olive oil you can cook meat, fish and vegetables.

2019 Gorji Gourmet Foods Win 9 awards.
2018 Gorji Gourmet Foods Win 6 awards.
2017—Gorji Gourmet Foods Win 8 awards.
2016—Gorji Gourmet Foods Win 4 awards.
2015—Gorji Gourmet Foods Win 4 awards.

ZestFest Winners a hit at Gorji Gourmet ZestFest Booth 

Arrabiata Diavolo

GOLD SCOVIE Award 2017 – Scovie Awards
GOLDEN CHILE Award 2017 – ZestFest
GOLDEN CHILE Award 2016 – ZestFest
GOLDEN CHILE Award 2015 – ZestFest
SILVER Award 2015 Best New Product – ZestFest
SILVER Award 2018 – ZestFest
BRONZE Award 2019 – ZestFest


GOLDEN CHILE Award 2018 – ZestFest
GOLD SCOVIE Award 2018 – Scovie Awards
SILVER Award 2019 – ZestFest
SILVER Award 2019 – Scovie Awards
SILVER Award 2017 – ZestFest
SILVER Award 2017 – Scovie Awards
SILVER Award 2016 – Scovie Awards
SILVER Award 2016 – ZestFest
SILVER Award 2015 – ZestFest


Gorji Gourmet, best pasta sauce brand wins at ZestFest 2015

Silver Award for Best New Product 2015


BRONZE Award 2018 – ZestFest
BRONZE Award 2016 – ZestFest
BRONZE Award 2015 – ZestFest

Dipping Oil & Marinade Primer

SILVER Award 2018 – Scovie Awards
SILVER Award 2017 – ZestFest
BRONZE Award 2017 – Scovie Award
BRONZE Award 2019 – Scovie Award

Pomegranate Vinaigrette

SILVER Award 2019 – ZestFest
SILVER Award 2017 – Scovie Awards
BRONZE Award 2018 – Scovie Awards
BRONZE Award 2017 – ZestFest

  • Pomodoro:clean tasting and vibrant, but not hot. It is a flavorful base on pizzas, pastas and any recipe using tomato sauce.
  • Puttanesca:perfect on any tomato sauce recipe calling for extra “zing”.
  • Arrabiata Diavolo:the spiciest. It adds zesty heat to pasta, pizza, seafood, burgers, bloody marys and wherever the devil makes you do it!
  • Dipping Oil/Marinade:olive oil that is perfect as a dipping oil or as a marinade for all kinds of meats, fish, poultry and vegetables. Chef Gorji uses this exclusively in his kitchen at Canary By Gorji.
  • Pomegranate Vinaigrettea lively salad dressing made with olive oil. Ideal for salads, as a light sauce for meats of all kinds, or as a marinade.
  • Hummus
  • Caesar Dressing
  • Spicy Remoulade
  • All eight Gorji Gourmet brand sauces have no preservatives or added sugar and come in 24 oz. glass jars.

Restaurant Quality Dishes at Home

These sauces were developed by Gorji from recipes he created and cooks with in his kitchen at Gorji Restaurant, to easily make gourmet tasting dishes without hours of preparation at home.

The gourmet pasta sauces are available for sale in the Dallas area at Gorji restaurant, DFW area Whole Foods, Jimmy’s Food Store, Royal Blue and online at Amazon and

Visit for more information about Gorji Gourmet Foods.
















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