Gorji Gourmet Pasta Sauce Blind Taste Test Winners


Gorji Gourmet pasta sauce brand wins again!

Gorji Gourmet Sauce

Gorji Gourmet Arrabiata Diavolo

The spicy Arrabiata, the zesty Puttanesca and the not spicy Pomodoro pasta sauce swept gold, silver and bronze awards in 2015 & 2016. Especially relevant, all three pasta sauces won in blind taste tests.

Chef Gorji’s Spicy Arrabiata Sauce won Its Second Golden Chile Award at ZestFest spicy food competition in 2016.  Joining the Arrabiata Diavolo at the winners’ table taking silver was zesty Puttanesca Sauce. Finally, bronze was awarded to his not spicy Pomodoro Sauce again for the second year.

Devilishly Tasty Arrabiata Diavolo: two Golden Chile Awards and Best New Product 2015.

Gourmet Pasta Sauce

Two Time Golden Chile Award & Scovie Award winning Gorji Gourmet pasta sauce.

The latest addition to the Gorji Gourmet Pasta Sauce line,  Gorji Gourmet Foods Arrabiata Diavolo also took silver in Best New Product Cookoff. It competed against products from all around the country at the 2015 ZestFest Fiery Food Challenge. See http://www.dallasnews.com/lifestyles/food-wine/foo….

Award-Winning Gorji Gourmet Puttanesca Sauce

Another win for the lively puttanesca pasta sauce was awarded at a later competition. It also won silver at the 2016 Scovie Awards. As a result, the Puttanesca pasta sauce took home three awards in two years, all in blind judging.

“It’s always been about the food with me as it’s my joy as well as my vocation,” he says. “But it makes it very special when you are recognized for your efforts in this way, especially at events as prestigious as ZestFest and Scovie. I’m especially proud that the brand new addition to our line, the Arrabiata Diavolo, was so well received. People love this spicy sauce on everything from pasta to seafood,” he continued.


Gorji Gourmet Foods line is available at DFW area Whole Foods, Jimmy’s Food Store and Royal Blue. In addition, they are available at Amazon.com, ChefGorji.com as well as Canary By Gorji in Dallas, TX.

For more information about Canary by Gorji restaurant and Gorji Gourmet Foods, please visit ChefGorji.com.

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