Caesar Dressing for Salad

Simply add parmesan, croutons and any greens of your choice. The same recipe Chef Gorji makes for his Caesar Salad at Gorji Restaurant in Dallas, TX. Made traditionally with egg yolk and marinated white Spanish anchovies.

Caesar Dressing Sandwich Spread & Dip

Don't stop with salads, use as a dip for seafood and a spread for sandwiches. Check out these creative ways of cooking with it: 10 Ways to Use Caesar Dressing Beyond the Salad by Kitchn.


INGREDIENTS: olive oil, egg yolk, garlic, stoneground mustard, white Spanish marinated anchovies, fresh squeezed lime juice, balsamic vinegar, black pepper

Bottled in 8 oz glass jar.

Gorji Gourmet Caesar Dressing won silver at 2019 Scovie Awards in blind judging in the condiments category.

Caesar Dressing

Zestful penne arrabiata sauce for pasta, pizza, shrimp, lobster, mussels, a snappy zing on burgers and wherever the devil makes you do it! It has a kick, but it doesn’t linger.

Arrabiata sauce is devilishly tasty, just heat and serve.
Clean tasting with a kick, but it doesn’t linger. Harmony between vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh garlic, cayenne and crushed red pepper creates a clean taste that leaves you wanting more in this pasta arrabiata sauce.

Chef Gorji adds shrimp to classic penne arrabiata in above photo. In another recipe he tops Three Cheese Spinach Lasagna with chili made with it for extra zing. Also, with the chili, he creates a surprising spicy flavor combination of chili with yogurt over grilled chilled avocados with scallions. He has even made bloody marys with the spicy tomato sauce.

Gorji Gourmet tastes like you have spent hours preparing it, but only takes minutes to heat and combine with your own creations. Bring a gourmet taste and spicy zing to your favorite dishes. For many more ideas and ways to create with arrabiata sauce using seafood, chicken and pasta see

• Imported Pure Olive Oil
• No Preservatives
• No Added Sugar
• 24 oz. glass jar.

Arrabiata Sauce Wins 4 Gold Awards in Blind Judging Competitions
Gorji Gourmet Arrabiata Diavolo spicy pasta sauce has won 4 gold awards and a silver for best new product. All in blind taste test competitions. It won its first coveted Golden Chile Award at ZestFest in 2015. An additional Golden Chile was won every year since then in 2016 and 2017. And it took home a Gold Award at the Scovie Award Competitions for 2017, bringing the total to 4 gold awards.

• Gold Scovie Award 2017
• Golden Chile Award 2015, 2016, 2017
• Silver Award 2015 - Best New Product  - ZestFest - Fiery Food
• Silver Award Zestfest 2018