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Chef Gorji's Tomato Smoothie served at GO TEXAN dinner.

Texas Sweet Tomato, Texas Tito Vodka Ice Cream Smoothie.

Chef Gorji is celebrating his 8th year with GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up. He was one of the first Dallas chefs to participate in the GO TEXAN program, the Texas Department of Agriculture’s program for restaurant owners and chefs dedicated to serving fresh, local ingredients and pouring great Texas wines.  His line of products, Gorji Gourmet Foods, are designated GO TEXAN as well.

Mediterranean With Texas Twists

Gorji calls his cuisine New Mediterranean and the interpretations include local Texas ingredients as often as he can. He believes the most Mediterranean philosophy is using what is fresh and available around you. Canary By Gorji  an upscale restaurant in Dallas, Texas‘ menu includes Texas Wild Boar, Texas Shrimp, Texas Quail along with much of his produce used in salads such as Texas Ruby Red grapefruit, and his wedge with grilled jalapenos and other dishes. He was also an early adopter of putting Texas Mediterranean Style Wines on his restaurant menu.

Chef Gorji on FOX 4 cooking peaches

Chef Gorji on FOX 4 sautéing Texas peaches & plums, for  2014 GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up menu.

Canary By Gorji’s GO TEXAN Round-Up Menu

This year the 2015 GO TEXAN program will be for the whole month of July. Chef Gorji’s menu is a three-course prix fixe dinner with Texas wines available for pairing. The menu features Pan Seared Texas Quail Legs with White Wine Pomegranate Reduction or Gorji’s Texas Chili & French Goat Cheese Pizza; Texas Wild Boar & Pork Tenderloin with Texas Bleu Gnocchi; Texas Sweet Tomato, Texas Tito Vodka Ice Cream Smoothie. Suggested wines for pairing are Texas Hills Pinot Grigio 2011 (Texas Hill Country) and Texas Hills Kick Butt Cabernet 2011 (Newsom Vineyard-Texas High Plains).  See Canary By Gorji Round-Up Menu for more details.

This year’s dessert is a fun tomato ice cream smoothie made with Texas tomatoes and Tito’s vodka which he first introduced last summer at an Heirloom Tomatoes Dinner event partnered with Whole Foods. 2014 Round-Up had another lively local fruit dessert made with  sautéed Texas peaches & Plums which he demonstrated on FOX 4 to promote the GO TEXAN program. See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-g9kwTGL3k

Participating GO TEXAN members will be serving special Texas menu items during the month of July. Many also contribute a portion of the week’s proceeds to food banks across the state. For more information, visit gotexan.org.

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