Chef Gorji's recipes are full of savory and surprising flavor combinations.

He often goes against the grain of traditional culinary practice. His international experiences are reflected in his cooking and for him, it is all about making tasty food with bold flavors and simple cooking techniques. He loves the aromas and tastes of mediterranean cuisine.

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    • Mediterranean Ingredients such as pomegranates, sumac, barberries and lime add “oomph to……fish dishes, beef dishes, drinks and desserts.”• Better Searing with Butter —”Adding a little butter to olive oil when sautéing results in fish and meat having a great, crusty surface with a juicy interior.”• Duck Breast & Plum Sauce—”What can be better than a little charred fat and honey?”


    • “Balancing the acidity and alkalinity brings the Zing! factor to a dish. Take, for example, a white fish with a white wine, lime and caper sauce. The reason its pleasant flavors linger on our mind could be due to the acidity of lime and dry wine tamed by butter and capers.”• “Hot and cold natured foods are categorized not by temperature, but by how they affect digestion. It is believed that a hot-natured food speeds up digestion while a cold-natured food slows it down. Together they create balance. Many classic dishes around the world are based on this principle. One of the best examples is meat and potatoes. Most people intuitively recognize balance when they taste it. Today, science is discovering why it works.”


    • “In most instances, I grill, roast or sauté meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables by brushing them only with olive oil, salt and pepper first. I seldom use batters, coatings or rubs.”• “Pure olive oil, instead of extra virgin, is the only oil I cook with because it has an earthy aroma and can withstand high cooking temperatures. It can be used ... also in salads and dipping oil, making it a great all-purpose oil in gourmet recipes.”• “Quality ingredients, prime cuts and abbreviated cooking times let natural flavors shine.”


    • “I use very little sugar, preferring when possible to use natural sweeteners like honey and fruit in my recipes."• “Acidic fruits enliven and balance many seafood and salad dishes. They have been overlooked as an ingredient in gourmet recipes, often used just as a condiment.”


    • “We spent many weekends fishing in the Caspian Sea. When I saw a fish on my hook, I wanted to know, “how it was going to taste?” and, “how I was going to cook it?” ...Catfish is one of my most-prized dishes. I want to diminish the concept that catfish doesn’t belong in upscale dining by using creative and fresh ingredients like grilled chilled avocado and lime juice.”• “When I was a boy, I went hunting and fishing with my father, uncles and family friends on the weekends. I learned how not to waste and to use as much of the animal as possible, but the most important lesson I learned is that meat and fish are not raised in grocery stores. I guess I have been doing “Mountain to Table,” and “River to Table” my whole life.”• Nose to Tail: “Lamb brain has a mild flavor and soft texture, and is a delicacy in many mediterranean cuisines. More and more my guests are discovering and ordering it.”