Dallas Observer Names Gorji in Top 100 Restaurants Again in 2020


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Gorji restaurant named #15 on Dallas Observer Top 100 Restaurant list 2019


Dallas Observer Top Restaurants: Gorji #15

The Top 100 Dallas Restaurants, No. 15: Gorji is very nearly a one-man show, with chef-owner Gorji buying the ingredients, answering phone calls for reservations, greeting each table and cooking dinner with the help of a tiny handful of waiters and kitchen staff. The dining room is small, the atmosphere is intimate and each table is booked for only one party per night, which makes this one of the most romantic restaurants in Dallas…

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The 10 Biggest Snubs from Dallas Observer Ranking of the Top 100 Restaurants in Dallas

The Observers’ Brian Reinhart explains why some well know restaurants are missing from their Top 100 list: “There are two main reasons. One is that metro Dallas has over 100 restaurants with good things to eat, and some of them had to get cut. The other is that some of the consensus favorites that have been topping “best of Dallas” lists for years fail to match their hype. A few of them are even genuinely bad. And I am naming names.”

He goes on to say that includes almost every steakhouse, but says steaks at Gorji and Knife have “set themselves apart with perfectionist cooking and hospitality…”

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