Cooking With My Possibilities

Gorji-My Possibilities

“Partnered with Whole Foods last week at My Possibilities cooking with HIPsters (Hugely Important People!) in their catering company they run. They cater from small meetings to large weddings. Good meatballs they made!” Plano Magazine made it possible and took the photos.

My Possibilities is the first full day, full year continuing education program in North Texas aimed to give adults with cognitive disabilities the chance at a higher education that helps them discover their purpose.

In addition to the catering company they also have an art store 100% run by the HIPsters. You can take home a piece of art with extra heart at the HIPStore. Every item sold is 100% HIPster-made through My Possibilities programs.

Starting with twelve clients, lovingly referred to as HIPsters (Hugely Important People), just eight years ago, today My Possibilities currently serves nearly 400 HIPsters each week. With so many people in need of these services, the demand is high, and despite their growth, MP is only able to scratch the surface in providing advanced educational opportunities for adults with special needs in North Texas.

With the hopes to expand and build upon its current services, My Possibilities purchased 20 acres of land in Plano, Texas to launch its Lifelong Learning Program. This will be an educational environment modeled after a college campus but designed specifically for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. At its max capacity, this facility will serve close to 1,600 individuals with special needs per week.

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