New Mediterranean Cuisine Cookbook

Pure olive oil. Lots of limes. Few batters, coatings, or rubs. No tahini in that hummus. Instead, an imaginative, personal, and highly memorable take on enhancing natural flavors.

In his debut cookbook, Chef Gorji spills the secrets behind his headline making New Mediterranean Cuisine, recipes that he prepares five nights a week at his chef restaurant in Addison. He won the Texas Steak Cook-off Championship twice with his take on steak with pomegranates!

In the colorful and easy to follow Zing! By Gorji, he shows us new and simple ways to use ingredients such as pomegranates, sumac, grapefruit, barberries and capers to add boldness and flavor to our dishes.

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My new favorite cookbook!
Chef Gorji seems to be a very inventive cook (my favorite kind!) and uses interesting flavor combinations, including fruits like grapefruit, pomegranate, and lime in savory dishes like the Alaskan Cod and Beef Tenderloin Tips. Can't wait to try those. Of the recipes I have tried so far, I have had great results following his recipes exactly.—Tiffany G.

An exciting cookbook full of flavorful recipes
I love the layout of this book. He spends a few pages explaining his history and his love for cooking, along with plenty of colorful photos. Then, he spends time explaining flavor building blocks, along with photos. This is useful later in the cookbook when you get to the recipes, because then you actually understand why you are using pure olive oil instead of extra virgin.—January Gray

Delicious food, even with substitutions.
Gorji does a fabulous job of giving a short and sweet background to each of his recipes. The first section of the book is also full of instructions for cooking the perfect Mediterranean food (many of these recommendations are relatable to all cooking as well). After making a meal of these dishes, you feel like a master chef!—Frank B

He makes it easy
DELICIOUS! I love Mediterranean food and I am so glad to find a cookbook that allows me to duplicate some of my favorite flavors at home!—Mommy2828

Love it. Practical, fresh and concise
This cook book is filled with techniques on cooking as well as how to use and choose ingredients, not to mention lots of recipes that make you go “yeh! I would have never thought of this combination”. And they work! It is organized very well with recipes that are easy to follow and lots of room for your own experimentation (which the author encourages). Also, love the fact that the book is spiral bound which makes it easy to keep on the kitchen counter for easy access. It’s great for an experienced cooks as well as the novice.—Saeed Mostoufi


Chef Gorji's gourmet Mediterranean recipes have been featured on tv, radio, magazines and newspapers, including Fox 4 News, KDTV WFAA, Tonia's Kitchen National Radio Show, D Magazine, DHomeDallas Morning News, Modern Luxury and others. Lively cooking demonstrations and book signings have been featured at DFW Whole Foods, Chocolate Secrets, Jimmy's Food Store, Travel & Adventure Shows and Canary By Gorji Restaurant.

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