Chef Gorji Writing Debut Cookbook

  • February 28, 2013

To celebrate Canary By Gorji’s 10-year anniversary, Gorji is hard at work on an upcoming new Mediterranean cookbook, available this spring, that will showcase his signature dishes and customer favorites, as well as recipes that incorporate his gourmet specialty products that are fundamental elements in all his cooking. They are also available in specialty food stores across the DFW Metroplex as well through national outlets such as, the national gourmet home delivery service and Gorji Gourmet

Writes Gorji in his upcoming cookbook, “Knowing how to balance your food is the absolute base for cooking, managing your menu, what you want to serve, how you want to serve it, even what time of day you serve it.” That’s how I cook. I try to keep it in mind, actually it has been inherent in me ever since I was a child. It was instilled in me. I don’t think any other way.”

In typical Gorji fashion his customers always come first. He is keeping a growing list of those who will receive the first copies when the book rolls off the press this spring. For more information email

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