Tomato Dessert Surprises and Delights As An Ice Cream Smoothie

ice cream smoothie Heirloom Tomatoes In Every Course Including The Tomato Ice Cream Smoothie For Dessert.Chef Gorji teamed up with Whole Foods Market in August 2014 to create a three course dinner  using Heirloom tomatoes in every course—including dessert. There’s nothing old-fashioned about these wonderful and flavorful fruit that define what a tomato should taste like. Chef was thrilled to add these beautiful and tasty fruits to his new mediterranean cuisine. The result was a panzanella salad with Alaskan salmon, Texas wild boar with a grilled heirloom atop gorgonzola ...

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  • August 20, 2014

National Catfish Month: Converts Trade Deep-Fried Crunch For Pan-Seared Sizzle

ice cream smoothie Gourmet Catfish:  Welcome Surprise On Fine Dining Menu This humble dish has had its fair share of being looked down upon and viewed as trash fish, but nothing could be further from the truth. They are wonderful to eat and can even be the center piece of a gourmet meal when it is prepared and served like any other great fish.Upscale catfish paired with french wine delights diners in a fancy restaurant setting like Canary By Gorji Instead of the traditional deep-fried style with corn meal, Chef Gorji has given it a“new Mediterranean”spin. He brushes it with ...

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Figs Grown In a Pot On My Patio

My first figs grown out of a pot on my patio, EVER!!! This is a cutting my neighbor Anthony gave me from his urban garden. I think he will be amazed when I show him this photo. This was a couple of weeks ago, now there are two figs!

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  • June 22, 2014

Street Food:Lamb Kidney Wraps

lamb kidney wrap Remembering the flavors of lamb kidney bus wraps While waiting for the bus when we were going to school, we would get our daily snack wrap of what ever it was that the person on the side walk was grilling that day—like grilled goat or lamb kidney, heart or liver  & tomato with a squeeze of lime with parsley in naan.The bus driver would scream & shout at us that the juices coming out of the wrap would make his bus dirty & we would take bites & just stare at him as if really? And you call this bus clean!! I can still remember those sensational ...

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  • May 25, 2014

Unripe Grapes (Verjuice) Add Zing! To Sauces & Fish

unripe grapes Unripe grapes, also known as sour grapes are showing up in the markets. When I was a kid, this is the time of year we made unripe grape juice, also known as Verjuice and stored it in the cellar for use throughout the year. A sauce made with it goes very nicely with Salmon and other fishes.Unripe Grapes, so vibrant, so packed with flavor! This time we are serving them with Copper River Salmon.Copper River Salmon & Seared Shrimp  with sour grapes, white wine, mushrooms & shallots over cauliflower puree studded with English peasFresh unripe ...

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  • May 6, 2014

Dallas Morning News—Gorji Cookbook

“Gorji Gorji Cookbook In the Dallas Morning News In Zing!, Gorji calls his cuisine New Mediterranean. That fails to capture the unique and beguiling way the North Dallas chef blends Middle Eastern with his passion for local Texas ingredients reflected in dishes such as Quail Legs with Pomegranates or Wild Boar Gnocchi Gorgonzola and Tomato. Gorji also includes the recipe for his Championship Ribeye Steak with Pomegranate Crème that twice earned him the winner’s belt buckle at the Texas Steak Cookoff in Hico. Products from his Gorji Gourmet Foods line figure prominently in ...

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  • May 1, 2014

Modern Luxury Dallas—Gorji Cookbook

“Gorji Sizzling Secrets Dynamo restaurateur Mansour Gorji gives fans what they’ve clamored for with Zing! By Gorji, a cookbook that reveals the secrets of his New Mediterranean cooking. “Customers were asking, ‘how do you do this?’ “How do you do that?’ he says at Canary By Gorji in North Dallas. The colorful, spiral-bound volume is his answer, from the secret behind his Bolognese sauce (sumac) to the wow ingredient in his scallops and gazpacho salad (Bulgarian Feta). Inspired by the foods of the Mediterranean—barberry, pomegranate, olive oil—he takes a ...

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  • April 30, 2014

Beverly Drive Magazine Highlights Zing! By Gorji Cookbook

Check out Beverly Drive magazine's write up about Zing! By Gorji Cookbook. In Karol Wilson's wonderful article about the book, she describes the instructions being easy to follow which pleases me immensely because I wanted them to be clear and simple to understand. I look forward to hearing from you about your experiences using the book.Read the full article at

Zing! By Gorji Cookbook, How Do You Use The Recipes?

zing by gorji cookbook Ok then, it has taken me too long to start this blog, but here we go. Last night I had the 6th book signing held @ Addison Whole Foods & it was great. I would like to invite all of you who have got the cookbook & have made any of the recipes or read it to tell me how it has gone & what you think. Also if you would like to share your experiences & some of your favorite dishes that you have made using the Gorji gourmet products please do so & later on we will have a drawing with winner getting a complete set of the products.

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  • February 11, 2014

Lime’s Time Has Come—The Citrus Revolution Is Here

seafood and lime Chef Gorji Brings Tang to the Table with Seafood and Lime. Chef Gorji, who has long been on the front lines of the citrus revolution, having recognized the culinary importance that tartness brings to flavor, and especially, its role in his New Mediterranean Cuisine featured at his intimate restaurant, Canary By Gorji, which celebrates its 10th birthday this year. “It’s really a matter of balance,” says Gorji who grew up helping to prepare lime juice, sour grape juice and tomatoes to store in the cellar and be available throughout the year for cooking. He specia...

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  • June 26, 2013

Arctic Char—A Healthy Choice for Mother’s Day

mother's day dinnerMother's Day Dinner Sunday May 12, 5-9 pmCall For reservations 972-503-7080Three Course Menu:Choice of Salad: • Caesar Salad Prepared Traditionally with Fresh Egg Yolk • Spinach & Fresh Berries with Pomegranate VinaigretteChoice of Entree: • Pork Chop with Gnocchi Gorgonzola & Grilled Vegetables • Arctic Char (from the salmon family) & Poached Shrimp in Chablis, Lime, Caper Served with Grilled VegetablesChoice of Dessert: • Four Berry Sorbet • Chocolate Liqueur Cake Events

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  • May 7, 2013

Fighting Breast Cancer | Creative Culinary Campaigns

chef gorji & alison laidley Dr. Alison Laidley, top Dallas breast surgeon teams up with Chef Gorji "Saving Lives One Bite at a Time." The sold-out April 25th event of the Eat, Drink & Beat Breast Cancer Culinary Campaign was the latest of the signature events in a long list of food-related fundraising efforts that Dr. Laidley and Chef Gorji have collaborated on over the last three years. Breast Cancer Charity Event Features Wild Boar and Kick Butt Cabernet Sauvignon Held at Canary By Gorji restaurant, the $125 “Kick Butt and Fight Breast Cancer” dinner benefited the Laidley’s ...

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  • April 27, 2013

The Braised Baby Octopus with Squid Ink Is Awesome!

braised baby octopus The octopus was the best appetizer.  If you love garlic and tender octopus, then you will enjoy this appetizer.   Delicious! —Elaine C, Yelp

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Canary By Gorji’s 10 Year Anniversary

I have been lucky that I have made it to 10 years this month. We are celebrating beating the odds for success and longevity as a small independent 10 table restaurant in a major metropolitan area, especially one as competitive as Dallas-Fort Worth. It has not always been easy and I am especially proud of this 10-year milestone. I feel privileged that I have gained your trust that you come to eat the food I cook every night. In a market crowded with steakhouses, mega-theme concepts and a "bigger is better" outlook, I have tried to keep it simple and focus on the food and ...

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  • February 28, 2013

Chef Gorji Writing Debut Cookbook

zing by gorji cookbook To celebrate Canary By Gorji's 10-year anniversary, Gorji is hard at work on an upcoming new Mediterranean cookbook, available this spring, that will showcase his signature dishes and customer favorites, as well as recipes that incorporate his gourmet specialty products that are fundamental elements in all his cooking. They are also available in specialty food stores across the DFW Metroplex as well through national outlets such as, the national gourmet home delivery service and Gorji Gourmet Foods.comWrites Gorji in his upcoming cookbook, “Knowing how ...

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  • February 28, 2013