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One of the best steaks in Dallas: Beef tenderloin with Pomegranate and Gnocchi. See the Dallas Observer Article, March 7, 2016.

One of the best Dallas and  Addison Steak Restaurants

The Dallas Observer Review says the “beef tenderloin is one of the best in the metroplex.” They named it on their 100 Favorite Dishes in Dallas list. The Observer went on to say,

“Chef Gorji won back-to-back statewide Texas Steak Cook-Offs a decade ago, and although he has retired from cook-offs, the judges could wander into his restaurant tomorrow and hand him another medal.”

In an article about The Top 100 Dallas Restaurants and why no steakhouse made the list, The Observer’s Brian Reinhart says Gorji (no. 15) sets itself apart with perfectionist cooking and hospitality…”

Gorji’s championship ribeye and beef tenderloin steaks are favorites. They are prime and don’t have hormones or antibiotics. Included in Dallas’ best steaks, Canary serves Lamb T-Bone, Prime Bone-In Pork Chop and Venison Tenderloin. Naturally free range raised, the Venison is grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free. And it has less fat than chicken and 80% less than beef as well as twice as much iron as beef and eight times more than chicken. In a D Magazine article about Gorji Restaurant, food critic Eve Hill-Agnus has described the Venison tenderloin as having a texture like velvet.

Dallas Mediterranean Food and Steak in Addison

Gorji specializes in steak in Addison and upscale Mediterranean cuisine. Eater Dallas says it has been the best Addison restaurant for over a decade. It has been Dallas’ only no-tipping restaurant since 2016. In keeping with wanting to provide their guests with the best dining experience, they have no distracting televisions and do not seat young children. They also don’t double seat. They don’t rush you out the door to seat another guest at your table.

Specializing in fine dining in Dallas and Addison, TX, Gorji’s menu includes dishes such as Pulled Rabbit Paella, Eggplant stuffed with Gorgonzola, Roasted Garlic and Feta and Lamb Tongue Crostini. The Lamb Tongue Crostini also made Dallas Observers 100 best dishes list coming in at #5. The Observer says “the lamb tongue crostini is turning heads, where chef-owner Gorji tops the meaty delicacy with very finely diced tomatoes, long slices of tart, Israeli-style pickles and a veritable blizzard of sumac…”

Butter Fried Fresh Anchovies, Poached Trout with Yogurt and Elephant Garlic and a gourmet version of Catfish are creative seafood dishes. The fine dining restaurant also offers weekly Prix Fixe menus offering seasonal and other items not on the regular menu. They have included Grilled Quail Legs, Duck Breast with Plums and Smoked Wild Caught Salmon Salad to name a few.

Keeping It Simple—The Secret To One of The Best Steaks In Dallas

Dallas Observer Review Excerpt:

“The first thing you need to know about Gorji is that he is some kind of meat genius. Born in Iran and trained in engineering, Gorji parlayed that unlikely background into back-to-back Texas Steak Cook-Off championships, besting … and a slew of other big-name chefs. He doesn’t compete anymore because he doesn’t need to. The point is proven.
We sampled Gorji’s mussels, scallops, duck, beef, boar, lamb and quail, and every single one was cooked flawlessly, with total understanding of each cut’s identity. If you want to eat an entire ark of animals, Canary is the place to do it.

Most of the grill items at Canary don’t have, or need, elaborate sauces or garnishes. An exception is the classic sweet-savory pairing appetizer of duck breast hidden under a plum.

“Being an engineer, simple is the most complicated thing there is,” Gorji said.

best steaks in Dallas - best steak Dallas - steaks addison

“The prime beef tenderloin and every cut of meat at Canary is cooked perfectly.”—Dallas Observer

The consistency is a marvel; nobody knows the last time when an overcooked steak left the Canary kitchen. Visit often enough and the idea seems impossible. Gorji is personally offended by ill-treated meat, as he told us when we ordered.

“I cook it medium-rare,” he said. “Please don’t ask me to do more.”

Read the full review at Dallas Observer.

Photos by Kathy Tran

Chef Gorji’s “best steak in Dallas” recipe was published locally and nationally.

Texas Monthly, The Daily Meal, D Magazine, D Home Magazine, Dallas Morning News, Food Lover Guide to Dallas/Fort Worth, The Big Texas Steakhouse Cookbook, have written about Gorji’s recipes. See In The News page for more.