Beer Dessert for Grown-Ups At Canary By Gorji

Israeli Stout Float

Beer Float, A Fun Dessert For Adults

Savory desserts highlight Chef Gorji’s gourmet dining menu. Well known for his unexpected flavor pairings and combinations, Kefir, Medjool Date ButterflyPersimmon & Sorbet and Israeli Stout Float rotate on the prix fixe menu at  Gorji. He also details the recipes for some of these savory desserts in his cookbook Zing! By Gorji. In fact, his cooking philosophy of his signature “New Mediterranean Cuisine“and the tagline on his cookbook is “Bold, Balanced, Simple & Savory which very much describes this beer dessert.”

Beer Dessert: Israeli Dry Stout and Ice Cream

“At this Addison area favorite, vanilla ice cream is drowned in Israeli dry stout for a high-octane dessert with sweet and bitter flavors working in harmony. Topped with a crunchy tea rusk for dunking.” —Zagat

“And for dessert, you ask? A provocative beer-float — vanilla bean ice cream drenched in an Irish stout style beer. Delicious is an understatement — if I could swim in it, I would.>

Edwardo Flores, Paper City Magazine

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