In addition to award-winning steak, other selections at Canary By Gorji include wild boar tenderloin, lamb t-bone, beef pomegranate, quail and interesting selections of seafood. On offering are Inventive appetizers like escargot pomodoro and seasonal salads. Boutique mediterranean and international wines complete the menu in this small, charming upscale restaurant in Dallas.

A five course tasting menu is available Tuesday- Thursday with a two day advance reservation.

Canary By Gorji

Chef Gorji

About Chef

Even though he specializes in Mediterranean Cuisine, the Texas Steak Cook-Off Champion often hears "one of the best steak restaurants in Dallas" from his guests.

About Chef


Zing! By Gorji

Chef Gorji shows us new and simple ways to use ingredients such as pomegranates, sumac, grapefruit, and capers to infuse our dishes with fresh flavor.

Zing! By Gorji


Gorji Gourmet Foods

Sauces that taste like you’ve spent hours preparing, them, but in fact, take only a few minutes. Just heat, serve and enjoy the fresh flavor! See sauces take top honors at Zestfest 2015.

Gorji Gourmet Foods®

“One of the best experiences we've had in a long time. Gorji was a great host and the food was absolutely wonderful from the preparation to the presentation.”- Jonathan G., Yelp     