Canary By Gorji Dinner Menu

The food I cook pays homage to French, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Middle Eastern, Turkish and North African cuisines, but I do not define my dishes by nationality or authenticity. Taking the best elements and interchanging the techniques and ingredients, I focus on keeping the essence of a dish with less emphasis on tradition and more on flavor. I call it New Mediterranean.


Mediterranean Mezze | platter with Hummus, Tzatziki, Tabbouleh and Dolmades  19

Escargot | in pomodoro, gorgonzola & mushrooms  12

Roasted Garlic & Bulgarian Feta | served with toasted pita  9

Duck Breast | with red plums, honey & white wine sauce on a bed of turnip puree  15

Lamb Tongue Crostini  |diced tomatoes, israeli pickles, anchovies, green onions & sumac  13

Baby Eggplant Stuffed with Gorgonzola Dolce with pomodoro or arrabbiata sauce  12


Ruby Red Grapefruit & Goat Cheese persian cucumbers, dill, red onions, grapefruit dressing  11

Canary’s Wedge | San Daniele prosciutto, gorgonzola dressing & grilled jalapeño  11

Kale Caesar | prepared traditionally with fresh egg yolk & white marinated spanish anchovies  10


All entrees include a side of Chef Gorji’s signature grilled vegetables

See Dallas Observer’s 2016 review excerpt

Beef Tenderloin 8 oz — Or — Ribeye 14 ozall natural with no hormones or antibiotics  |  served with gorgonzola garlic mashed potatoes  44

Gnocchi with gorgonzola creme
OR pomegranate creme instead of mashed potatoes 8

Add butter seared Shrimp to any steak  8


Colorado Lamb T-Bone & Grilled Quail | with tabbouleh and tzatziki  41

Texas Wild Boar Tenderloin & Scallops |with deep sea scallops & gnocchi gorgonzola& grilled campari tomato  41

Sautéed Prime Beef Tips & Pomegranate Cream | tenderloin tips in pomegranate creme with long grain rice  29

Paella | with pulled rabbit, spanish chorizo, mussels & shrimp with saffron white wine rice  34

Poached Rainbow Trout & Yogurt Sauce | kalamata olives, basil, sumac, & crispy elephant garlic  34

Butter Seared Texas Shrimp | with sumac & parmesan infused basmati rice  29

Pan Seared Catfish |with artichoke salad & grilled chilled avocado  29
As seen in Upscale Living Magazine 2013, Texas Monthly 2004, The Daily Meal 2012


“I take pride in preparing your meal personally and per order. Because I strive to use the best ingredients, certain dishes may not be available some evenings if I cannot find items on my daily trips to the marketplace that meet my standards for you.”

Some regular menu items change periodically; when I feature new dishes, some change with the seasons and others when I find new interesting items in the marketplace. Other times if something has a short time-frame availability, there may be weekly or bi-weekly menu offerings for those items. On holidays and special events I offer prix-fix menus. Please check menu listing at top for special menus.